Determining How Hard to Work

One of the most common mistakes we encounter is getting the intensity of your workout wrong for your goals. Whilst it's true that working hard is better than hardly working, sometimes less is more. For this reason, you'll sometimes see an image or number on your program under the heading 'Effort' as shown below:

In the example above, in the 'Effort' column you'll see the number '9' next to the exercise 'Seated Close Grip Cable Row - Triple Drop", which would mean that you should be working up to 1 rep shy of technical failure, i.e. very damn hard. When you saw the number 4 next to the exercise 'Forward Lean Upper Back Stretch', then your focus would be more on technique, trying to feel the target muscles or practising the movement, without feeling any sense of fatigue.

To help with this, we've created the following infographic to explain what each number means.