Gary's Story

When Gary became a client he was preparing for major surgery on his knee. His goal was to gain as much muscle as possible in 10 weeks before he went into hospital.

Having been a classic hardgainer all his life, Gary struggled to build muscle regardless of how much he ate and how much he trained.

After completing his hormonal profile, we discovered low testosterone and elevated cortisol were holding him back. By adjusting his nutrition and formulating a supplement plan to allow more effective hormone production, we were able to help Gary gain just over 16lbs of muscle in 10 weeks.

As Gary said:

"I couldn't believe it when I saw the photo's. The weight had gone on so smoothly I honestly couldn't see the difference, even though friends and family had commented on it. Having the photo's to refer to made me realise I would have quit on a number of occasions because I thought it wasn't working. Being able to let someone else do all the thinking, and being able to trust them to keep track of everything made life so much easier. Although, actually the workouts seemed harder. Definitely worth every penny."