Equipment Ordering
Essential Kit
  • The Grid
  • Power Bands 1 (light) & 2 (medium)
  • Mini Bands
  • Heart Rate Monitor Strap
Worthwhile Extras
  • Power Bands 3, 4 & 5
  • Ball
  • Gliding Discs
Quick Links

If convenience is your thing, you can order most of the equipment from Amazon by clicking here

The following ‘kit list’ will provide you with the equipment we recommend that everyone has. At the very least, it means you’re not dependent on your gym’s kit. At best, these can actually enable you to get some incredibly effective workouts in when you’re at home or on the road. In addition, some of the equipment is incredibly effective at improving everyday health.

Foam Roller

Whilst the science behind foam rolling (or Myofascial Release, to give it its technical name) is still in its early days, the practical benefits are undeniable. You’ll move and feel better on a day-to-day basis, and the effectiveness of your workouts will be improved.

The Grid by Trigger Point Performance is the only foam roller we recommend. It’s a little pricier than the older type of roller, but it lasts for years rather than weeks and allows for an almost endless progression as you get used to the exercises. We prefer the black version as it removes any concern about it getting dirty. Be sure you only get a genuine version as the copies or rip offs don’t work as well and start to fall apart a lot sooner, (we know, we’ve tested most of them). The real version is available on Amazon via the link above.

Power Bands

One of the most universal pieces of equipment we’ve ever come across, these go with us everywhere (we even take them on holiday). These will be essential for many of the corrective exercises you’ll do, as well as your warm up and exercises in your workouts. We prefer the bands from Physical Company, purely because we know the standard they’re manufactured to (plus, they’re much more reasonably priced). These are also available on Amazon, accessible via the link above.

We recommend you get one each of the 2 smallest bands, typically referred to numerically or by weight, e.g 1, 2 & 3 or Light, Medium and Heavy, although depending on your strength goals, bands 3, 4 and 5 may eventually come in handy. In the short terms though, stick with the basics.

Mini Bands

Again, much like the power bands, these will be used primarily for corrective exercises and during your warm up. We recommend you get one of each resistance, as different exercises require different bands.

The bands by Perform Better (US not UK) are the best mini bands we’ve ever come across over the years and are better by a mile. They’re slightly more expensive than bands from Physical Company or generic ones from Amazon (think £1-2 extra), but they’re vastly superior in terms of quality. You’ll only ever need the 9” bands though, so ignore the 20” Monster Band if it shows up as an option. They can be purchased here or using the Amazon link above. We've included the best generic bands we tested in the Amazon link as they are half the price of the PB ones if cost is an absolute issue.

Heart Rate Monitor

If your goal is either fat-loss and/or improving fitness, then a heart rate monitor can take the guesswork out of your workouts.

We recommend the Polar H10 Bluetooth monitor for a number of reasons.

  • It's the most consistently accurate we've tested
  • It supports Heart Rate Variability measuring, which is insanely valuable when tracking health
  • It works with almost any heart rate enabled gym equipment
  • It's cheaper than a dedicated heart rate monitor
  • It syncs with an awesome app, so you can track and record your workouts easily on a smartphone.

You can get the sensor here or using the Amazon link above.

You can download the app on iOS here or Android here


Much like the foam roller, a simple ball can be used to improve your overall health and mobility. For best results we'd recommend the larger 5 inch versions, but these tend to be made for purpose only. For an easier and potentially cheaper start, there are three smaller options we’ve tested:

Option A: Tennis Ball - Not excessively firm, this is an easy to acquire and non-traumatic place to start. You'll want to upgrade after a few weeks of regular use though, so it's a starter option only.

Option B: Lacrosse Ball – This is a hard-core option. It’s slightly smaller than the tennis ball meaning you’ll be getting a more precise and also firmer release. Bear in mind though, it was designed for lacrosse, not massage, so whilst it's cheap and easy, it's not the best option.

Option C: Trigger Point Ball – These are awesome, particularly the larger 5 inch MB5, and we recommend them if mobility is important to you (which it should be), or you're rehabbing an injury. In order of recommendation, the MB5, the standard TP ball and the slightly firmer X-Factor version.

Gliding Discs

Gliding discs offer a number of excellent exercise options very hard to obtain any other way at the cost of very little space and weight. That said, they’re not essential at this stage.

Option A: Gliding Discs – The original disc and still the best. Choose either the hard floor or carpeted option; depending on the environment you’re most likely to use them in. Just buy the discs, as the videos are dated, very average and in all honesty, incredibly annoying.

Option B: SKLZ Slidez – These are a great alternative to the Gliding Discs, although at double the cost, we think the Gliding Discs are better value for money. That said, the SKLZ discs keep your feet in place more effectively due to the foam inlay. This may also be more prone to wear and tear though, so again the original discs are potentially in our mind a more durable choice.

That's it.

Get your kit ordered as soon as possible and let us know once it arrives. You’ll then be able to perform your warm ups and any corrective exercises correctly, regardless of whether we’re with you or not.