Anthony's Story

After having had a personal trainer for 18 months and seen no results, Anthony wasn’t sure if he’d ever lose weight.Since the age of 16 he’d never weighed less than 19 stone and resigned himself to being overweight.

Following his initial consultation Anthony agreed to follow a structured eating plan and commit to training 4 times a week for at least 12 weeks. After which time he’d decide if it was working for him.

At his last session of the 12 weeks, Anthony had dropped from 21½ stone to 18 stone.

Inspired, he stuck with it and by the end of the year, he'd hit his target of 15 stone.

As Anthony said:

“After spending so much money on my last personal trainer I just wasn’t sure if personal training was for me. Don’t get me wrong I’d enjoyed it, I definitely felt fitter, I just hadn’t lost any weight. The level of detail Jeremy went into really made me reconsider what I thought I knew about exercise and nutrition. But the results speak for themselves. It’s still hard to believe, I keep expecting to stop or plateau, but every month the weight keeps coming off”.