The company we recommend to all our UK clients for supplements is Nutri. We've used their products personally and with clients for over a decade and we've always found them to be well formulated and of excellent quality.

Recently they made the decision to make their products available online, which means that you can now order directly from them over the Internet, the same way that you would for Amazon or eBay.

Now there are a few important things I want to share with you, but if you’re the impatient sort, here’s the one that’s in your best interest:

If you register as a customer before placing an order and enter Jeremy Boyd (me) as your practitioner), you’ll get 10% off any future orders you place online (I have to authorise that though, so wait until you've had email confirmation of that before you actually order). In the interest of full disclosure, I’ll also get a small referral fee, which not only has no impact on the price you pay but makes the whole process a win-win.

To do this, simply visit the new website at and register as a consumer. When it asks you to provide your health professionals account number,

Please enter 3050674 and click the blue ‘Search’ button. My name should come up as below:

At which point you simply need to click submit. I’ll then get an email asking me to confirm that you’re a client and approve your discount.


Please do not share this with friends or family. I take full responsibility for any and all suggestions I make to my clients, but I can’t in good conscience do that for someone I don’t know. Some of Nutri’s formulations are incredibly complex and also potentially harmful, if taken inappropriately. The last thing I want is someone reading some random article suggesting supplement ‘x’ is a great idea and then giving it a whirl in a way that implies my approval.

If you’re interested in the other stuff I think is important, please read on.

If you're in the know regarding nutraceuticals, you'll notice that the above information means Nutri have dropped the requirement for customers to be under the care of a health practitioner. The reason for this is simply that a small number of practitioners have been selling the Nutri products indiscriminately and inappropriately on Amazon and other third party websites and undercutting Nutri’s prices in the process. Whilst this may seem like a win for the consumer, the result was out of date or improperly stored supplements being taken, that didn’t do what they were supposed to. Nutri spent over a year trying to stop this from happening, but unfortunately, were ultimately advised by their legal team that they have no legal right to do so.

To prevent this, they’ve decided to sell direct to the consumer, so that they at least have access to genuine and correctly stored products.

The other reason which, from my perspective, is a little concerning, is that legislation regarding health supplements has changed numerous times in the last few years. As it stands at the moment, health supplements are currently classified as food products by the government. As such, unlike places such as Canada, Australia and a number of other European countries, there are next to no laws or regulations regarding quality, safety or even effectiveness of health supplements in the UK. One of the reasons I rarely recommend high street products, is that very few of them have scientifically validated formulations or quality ingredients. For example, over 90% of all magnesium supplements in the UK use magnesium oxide, which is the least absorbable form of that mineral. It’s only feasible benefit, would be for constipation as it’s poor absorbability would mean it whizzed through the digestive system. Companies use it because it costs a fraction of the effective forms, not because it works, and in this country, they can do that without issue.