With the imminent release of the new James Bond film Skyfall and the inevitable showing of superspy flesh, I thought it would be a good idea to cover 3 key lessons we can learn from the film.

Lesson 1: He works with a team

Whilst Bond is famous for his disregard for authority and his one man army approach, he’d never be able to get the job done without his gadgets from ‘Q’, the emotional distraction of the leading lady, or the subtle manipulations of ‘M’.

Fat Loss is no different. Trying to go it alone can work, but only in the minority of circumstances. It doesn’t have to be a personal trainer or a nutrition coach, it could be a friend or a colleague. Regardless, get someone in your corner to help keep you accountable, motivated and honest.


Lesson 2: Every mission relies on good intelligence

There’s nothing more frustrating for today’s spy about town, than to arrive on site and find out that their target is elsewhere. Double-0-bugger!

Likewise, there’s nothing more frustrating than following every rule you’ve read and denying yourself every naughty bit of deliciousness, only to find out that you haven’t lost an ounce.

The simplest approaches are the best so if you couldn’t grow your food yourself or catch it, don’t let it total more than 10% of your total intake.


Lesson 3: Just because the villain of the tale can make you laugh, doesn’t mean he’s a nice person

Javier Bardem who plays the Bond villain is currently being praised for his ability to make the audience laugh, whilst scaring them at the same time.

Refined carbohydrates are like that. They taste nice and don’t seem to cause any short term problems, but the more you see them, the more you realise they’re the baddie of the tale. At Precision Nutrition they talk about the danger of ‘too good’ foods. Foods that even when you feel full, make you want to keep eating. Our advice is to ration these to 10% of your total intake, at least until you achieve the weight loss or body composition you’re after.

So if the super spy build is what you’re after, then your mission is as follows:

Get Help

Make a plan based on good intel

Avoid any foods that taste too good or that may shoot your leading star at the end of the movie.