Basic Information 

Version 1:

Simply add 3 scoops of Ultra Clear Plus Ph. to water and mix in a shaker.

Version 2:

Follow the recipe below. Please note that as this is an additional option, the ingredients have not been added to the shopping list included with the programme.


Step 1:

Place 3-8 cubes of ice in a blender (see FAQ for our recommendations)

Step 2:


1 chopped medium size carrot

1/2 peach

4-8 white seedless grapes

250ml water or 125ml water and 125ml pressed apple juice

1/4 tsp crushed fresh ginger (optional)

Step 3:

Blend until smooth

Step 4:

Consume immediately?The above recipe contains guideline amounts for ice and liquid and these can be adjusted to suit your individual taste. Be aware that the amount of fruit included is the maximum allowed as any more than this may negatively affect your blood sugar levels.

Which one you choose depends on your taste buds and motivation.

There are two versions, purely because the UCP shake in it’s basic format, is not the most palatable food supplement on the planet, (for more information on the reasons for this see the FAQ handout). Having two versions still allows the more motivated and hard core customers to go all out if they want to, but also provides a more palatable option for those new to detoxing or those who simply want a more enjoyable option.