UltraClear® Plus pH Medical Food has been designed to help people who have altered energetic or liver detoxification function. This formula is targeted to those who have an elevated toxic burden and a low alkaline (acidic) urinary pH level (below 6.6), which can negatively influence the kidneys’ ability to eliminate dietary and environmental toxins. This is common in people with compromised detoxification activity, as well as in those who eat a diet high in acid-producing animal proteins with lower consumption of fruits and vegetables.

How does UltraClear® Plus pH Medical Food work?

This product provides nutrients that support energetic and liver detoxification function, as well as a healthy urinary pH level.

Science-based metabolic detoxification programs are often recommended as a first approach to help relieve complaints such as fatigue, cloudy thinking, and mood changes. Think of it as cleaning out the environmental “junk” that may be affecting your health.

This formula offers targeted nutrients to support energy metabolism, as well as enhanced nutritional support for activities related to the second phase of detoxification (when the body prepares toxins for elimination).

In addition, it provides potassium citrate to promote balanced pH levels and further support toxin clearance. The rice protein base has a lower allergenic potential than many common animal or vegetable protein sources, which (along with careful formulation and manufacturing) helps make this product suitable for dietary elimination programs. This product is therefore specifically recommended for use with a modified elimination diet that reduces dietary chemical exposure.

How does UltraClear® Plus pH Medical Food compare to other products or approaches?

Unlike some approaches, this medical food program provides a science-based protocol to help address underlying factors that may increase symptoms in chemically sensitive individuals. This formula contains a scientifically designed blend of nutrients—including quality protein, carbs, and fats—to support energy metabolism and complex activities in both phases of the body’s detoxification process.

This unique formula provides additional nutritional support for second phase activities along with alkalizing nutrients to promote a balanced pH—both of which enhance excretion of toxins. This formula contains only natural ingredients for a safer approach, and has been clinically reviewed.

Why do we trust Metagenics?

Medical foods must contain ingredients that are generally regarded as safe (GRAS) or FDA approved, and Metagenics continually evaluates formula ingredients in concert with current nutritional research for optimal safety and effectiveness. Metagenics’ manufacturing facility also has 3 certifications for good manufacturing practices to ensure the highest quality.

This product is designed to be used under the supervision of physicians or other licensed healthcare practitioners due to the specificity of its purpose and the potency of the ingredients, meaning our clients get the best tool for the right job.