Points 1- 4 can be ignored if you are able to follow the pre-detox plan and meal schedule included with this programme

  • Order your UltraClear Plus pH from Nutri and begin to reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates leading up to five days before you are due to start the express detox. One of the major intolerances in the modern world is gluten and this reduces the load on your digestive system and helps to prepare the body for the detox itself.
  • Reduce your meat intake over a period of seven days leading up to the detox. On your final day before starting the detox, consume no meat or meat products.
  • Increase your water consumption up to your bodyweight in kilograms x 0.033litres. This will help clear some of the detoxification pathways and make elimination easier.
  • Increase your consumption of green leafy vegetables over the seven days prior to starting the detox. These are high in a number of compounds that help remove certain substances from the body. Loading the body ahead of time helps make the actual detox easier and more effective.
  • Ensure all preparation for the following day is done in advance. Many people struggle with detoxes because they don’t plan ahead of time. The meal schedule tells you what to eat and when, so that all you have to do is prepare it.
  • When having the shakes, eat only the foods on the menu with them, unless food allergies/sensitivities or intolerances dictate otherwise. This is because each food has a specific nutritional pupose and contains key nutrients to support certain detoxification pathways.
  • The amount of any vegetables you consume at meals (those not set out in a recipe), is entirely down to personal preference. Let taste and appetite dictate quantities. If you have tapered in to the detox correctly, hunger pangs and cravings should be minimal.
  • For most people, the UltraClear Plus pH is enough support for effective detoxification. If however, you experience headaches, nausea, upset stomach or any other concerns, it may indicate particularly high levels of toxins in your system and you should discontinue the detox and inform your healthcare practitioner immediately.
  • To ensure maximum effictiveness for this programme, we recommend that you avoid any strenuous exercise during the detox as this can actually inhibit progress. Light walking or swimming however, are acceptable if you wish to partake in some activity.

It is important to remember that the 5-Day Express Detox is not intended to treat, diagnose or manage any health or disease condition. Also, because some medicines have some biological or chemical characteristics that are similar to certain toxins, we recommend that you do not do the detox whilst taking any prescription medication or contraception as the detox may reduce their effectiveness or cause complications.