Why do I need to detox?

Almost every creature on the planet has toxins floating round in their system. In 2008/2009 the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) tested the umbilical cords of new-born babies and found traces of over 280 harmful chemicals. As adults, the levels of toxins in our bodies are significantly higher.

In an ideal world, our liver and kidneys would be able to get rid of most harmful substances. Unfortunately, our bodies are now overloaded, not just through pollution of our environments, but also increased stress levels.

What about just avoiding certain foods for a little while?

Whilst this definitely helps, detoxification is actually a 3-step process. This involves liberating toxins from tissue, transporting them through the body to the bowels and then excreting them as waste.

One analogy is the rubbish system in most houses. Rubbish gets put in a bin in the kitchen. It then gets moved to the wheelie bin outside. That gets put on the street for collection and then finally, someone comes and takes it away. Any failure at any of the stages, results in the rubbish not being removed and going rotten or decaying somewhere on your property.

Therefore, it’s important to detoxify properly by supporting each phase of the process appropriately. Eliminating toxic substances from your diet prevents new toxins from coming in, but won’t necessarily help get rid of those already in your system.

How strict is the food plan?

Pretty strict. Because of the sheer number of toxins we’re exposed to on a daily basis, getting rid of them is hard work as whilst ‘x’ toxins are leaving, ‘y’ toxins are normally sneaking in whilst you’re distracted. Because our detox is only 5 days long, (although the preparation phase is an additional 7 days), everything has to be as focussed as possible.

I eat pretty healthily already, can I skip the Pre-Detox?

If you want to, although we don’t recommend it. Even the healthiest of people have ‘invisible’ issues. That is, they’re consuming healthy foods that don’t necessarily aid detoxification. The Preparation Phase is designed to help your digestive system prepare for the process of detoxifying. Consider it a nutritional warm up. It also helps prepare the body to shed unwanted fat, which although not the objective of the plan, is certainly a nice side effect.

How much weight will I lose?

We have to reiterate, the detox programme is not a weight-loss programme, and its primary function is to improve health by removing harmful substances from the body. Having said that, most people lose between 3-8lbs of body-fat over the five days and between 5-14lbs over the 12 day period if the follow the preparation phase correctly.

Why is there no protein in the plan?

There is protein although it is drastically reduced from the normal amount we’d recommend. The reason for this is that of the three macro-nutrients (proteins, fats & carbohydrates), protein requires the most effort to digest. Because of this, reducing protein intake reduces the load on your digestive system and in turn allows more of your body’s resources to be directed towards getting rid of toxins.

Can I pre-make the meals and heat them up in the microwave?

Yes. Whilst there are some concerns over the use of microwaves, the foods you’ll be preparing are less likely to become harmful because of reheating. To ensure any potential drawbacks are minimised, we recommend reheating food in either a glass or china bowl as plastic containers can leach chemicals into food when heated.

Do the shakes taste nice?

Feedback on the palatability of the shakes varies greatly, with some people loving them and others finding the texture or taste bland or gritty. This is partly due to the overstimulation most peoples taste buds are subject to on a daily basis and partly due to the unprocessed nature of the ingredients. Having said that, most people find that if they can ‘power through’ the first couple of days, the taste is no longer an issue (although they never seem to become tasty). This is the main reason for the shake recipes, as we recognise that whilst some people may choose to be a little more hard-core, most people want the most pleasant experience possible.

Can I pre-make the shakes and consume them later?

The insoluble fibre that gives the shakes their grittiness starts to swell and become sticky once it’s been added to water. This takes place over a specific period of time and is designed to peak as the fibre is passing through your digestive tract, thereby providing optimal results. Pre-making shakes can interfere with this process and although not disastrous is definitely less effective.

Why are my energy levels fluctuating so much?

Energy levels fluctuate in the first 24-72 hours of the detox. If you follow the Pre-Detox Nutrition Plan this is normally minimal. Your energy levels can fluctuate because the release of toxins causes your body’s systems to work harder, thus using more energy. Because the plan involves a significant reduction in calories for most people, this can result in short term feelings of fatigue.

Why can’t I exercise on the plan, wouldn’t that burn more fat?

Actually no. In our tests we found that exercise actually inhibited fat loss in test subjects, although this involved moderate to high intensity activities. Low-intensity activity is permissible for those who simply can’t help themselves and in some cases can increase results although this varies drastically from person to person. The reason we advise against exercise, is simply that it’s something else for your body to deal with in addition to detoxing. Therefore, the less your body has to focus on, the more effective it will be at the few remaining tasks it does have.

Can I just follow the food plan without using the Ultra Clear Plus?

We don’t recommend it, purely because it’s significantly less effective (75-90%). The Ultra Clear Plus has been designed to specifically support detoxification at all three stages of the process. Each ingredient has been sourced from the best raw materials, refined using the best technology and formulated based on the latest research. When formulating the programme we evaluated a number of alternatives and were unable to find anything that was as effective within the confines of the programme (convenience, speed, effectiveness and cost).

I’m on medication and my doctor says it’s ok to do your programme, why don’t you recommend it?

Almost all over the counter medications are chemical based and synthetic, which means during a detoxification programme your body can actually dispose of them, thereby reducing their effectiveness or eliminating it altogether. Whilst this can vary from medication to medication, we take our clients health very seriously and as such this possibility is an unacceptable risk.

I’ve been told detoxes are useless as the body can detox itself, is that true?

Given enough time and ideal circumstances then yes, the body is able to rid itself of most if not all toxins. However, because of the average exposure level for most people, those ideal circumstances are simply unrealistic.

I suffer from migraines and can’t eat certain foods on the plan, what can I replace them with?

We recommend anyone with specific conditions have a personalised plan made rather than using our commercial programme. This allows us to assess a greater number of factors and produce a bespoke programme tailored specifically to the individual. For more information on this, please email us at info@resiliencefitness.com with the subject line Bespoke Detox.

Most other detox programmes seem to last significantly longer than 5 days, is this really as effective?

Yes. One of the main reasons that conventional detoxes take so long is that they lack neutraceutical support for all three phases of the detoxification process. The body is limited in terms of how quickly and how thoroughly it can complete those processes unaided.

Because many detoxes involves drastic calorie restriction over an extended period of time, this can negatively impact your metabolism, causing it to temporarily slow down. The rebound after this short-term slowing of your metabolism can actually cause you to quickly regain the lost weight after the detox is finished. By keeping the actual detox to just five days, we’ve been able to minimise if not eliminate any of the negative effects on metabolism.

How have you tested the detox to determine its effectiveness?

We’ve recorded weight and taken skinfold measurements in most cases, which has allowed us to track body-fat reductions and also assess possible hormonal changes. Some of our test subjects have also had blood tests and hair mineral analysis performed to measure levels of toxins.

According to the Biosignature© method, fat cells in the calves and hamstrings are overly sensitive when the body is toxic. In addition, high levels of toxicity can cause an elevation in cortisol (the stress hormone), which increases activity in the fat cells around the waist and stomach. In all cases, fat storage in these areas decreased far more than in any other areas.

Although we evaluated the data from blood tests and hair mineral analysis (HMA), neither of those is truly conclusive, (although HMA does provide a more accurate representation of an individual’s state). This is because you can have low levels of circulating toxins in the blood stream as a result of high tissue storage. That in turn would show you as having low toxicity, when in fact the reverse could be true. The only truly valid means of assessing this would be a muscle biopsy, which is more invasive than we feel is necessary for the purpose of this programme.

That said, the results mentioned previously are typical and at the time of writing there have been no significant outliers. Every single person who has completed the programme as instructed, has experienced most of the following:

  • Better sleep 
  • Improved energy levels 
  • Improved mood 
  • Greater sense of well-being 
  • Improved recovery from exercise 
  • Improved digestion 
  • A significant reduction in body-fat