Jeremy is the director and founder of Resilience Fitness, a fitness and nutrition organisation operating out of Lancashire, England.

Having studied exercise and nutrition informally whilst still at secondary school, Jeremy made the decision to pursue his interest in a more academic manner in 1991. After obtaining his basic qualifications he began training and treating members of the public and local athletes. In 1994 he began a Bachelor’s Degree combining Sports Science and Business, and in 1997 he graduated with honours, having excelled in the exercise design and prescription modules.

Over the next 10 years, Jeremy has written for numerous magazines and newspapers, both as an expert opinion and author. He has delivered professional training courses to over 5000 fitness professionals and has written a number of courses widely used as the de facto standard by the leading education providers in the industry today.

Jeremy has both the skill and experience required to ensure that his clients get the best results, with the least effort, in the shortest time, possible.

His clients have ranged from professional athletes to housewives and from the young to the old. All have benefitted from both his skill and experience, and also his love and enthusiasm for all things health and fitness related.