The following workouts are designed to compliment your regular workouts, which means they can be used in one of the following ways:

  • As extra filler sessions on your non-scheduled workout days, if you feel recovered from your regular workouts and have some energy to burn
  • As alternatives to your regular workouts if you're short on time or missing the required equipment (say, due to being on holiday)
  • As alternatives to more traditional cardio
  • As fitness challenges to track and measure your progress (The Sexy Challenge is our favourite for this)

They can all be done as one off's, or alternatively, you can download the PDF attached to the workout and follow it the way you would a normal programme, tracking your progress.

Leave Me Breathless

Leave Me Breathless Additional FilesOverview This is a simple yet effective workout to improve your cardiovascular fitness, agility and mobility, without the need for any equipment.   As always, make sure you warm up before starting and cool down afterwards, in an appropriate manner.   A1 – Burpees –10 Reps A2 – Get Down Get…

The Sexy Challenge

The Sexy Challenge The Sexy Challenge is the brain child of Bret Contreras and one of the best overall assessments of practical strength and muscular/structural balance. Be warned though, it’s not for the novice or the faint of heart. The Workout 1 set of each of the following exercises for as many reps as possible.…