For a rough guide to Male Body Fat Percentage Examples, hover here

For a rough guide to Female Body Fat Percentage Examples, hover here

This recipe calculator is based on the desired outcome of healthy body composition:

12-18% body-fat for men

18-25% body-fat for women

This means if you're overweight, you should lose weight and if you're underweight, you should gain weight.


The weights shown are the amounts in each recipe, i.e. each meal. So, for example, if the amount for your protein source was 150g, you would have 150g of meat or fish in each meal. Likewise, if the combined vegetable content had a range of 95-240g, that represents the amount in each meal, not of each individual ingredient in the meal.

Regarding accuracy: the last thing I want is for people to become obsessive about the amounts. Aim to be as close to the target as possible, but as long as you're within 10% either way and feel appropriately full afterwards, you're good.