My first post in over a year and it's for someone else.

Anyway, when my friend and fellow trainer Zack asked me to write a guest post for his company Aegis Training, I tried to think what would be most suitable. Should I write it on training, nutrition, exercise psychology......

Fortunately, inspiration was provided by a conversation with a member at my gym that went like this:

Member: I want to be ripped for summer, should I do more cardio?

Me: How well are you eating?

Member: Pretty well.

Me: Define pretty well.

Member: I only drink at the weekends and I won't have more than one chocolate bar a day. All my pasta is gluten free and I'm nailing a big bowl of porridge every morning for breakfast.

Me: (the following is the more accurate, although less polite, condensed version of my reply), You're an idiot

Member: So what should I eat?

Me: if you could grow it or catch it yourself.......any of that!

Member: How many calories should I eat?

Me: Don't worry about calories, you'll struggle to overeat on those foods if you're used to pasta.

Member: So I can still drink at the weekend?

Me: Once you're as lean as you want to be sure, but if you're not, give the silly juice a pass.

Member: What about drop sets for my arms?

Me: What are your numbers (weights) for the deadlift, squat, military press, chin up and bench press?


Me: Make life easy on yourself, 3-4 times a week, come into the gym and focus on lifting a little more weight or doing a few more reps on each of those lifts. Once you've done those exercises, do whatever you want for the rest of your time in the gym, but get better at the basics first.

Member: Last question, what do you think of Raspberry ketones........

And so, my inspiration was born.

Read the article here and find out if you're guilty of doing idiotic things.